Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Booted and Suited

Lesley and me don't really do twitching the early morning starts and long drives do not fit in with having a five year old daughter and it all seems like a lot of stress, although it also does look fun at the same time.
But we do try and at least see a few new species of birds each year and with a Booted Warbler turning up on the Great Orme which is not too far to travel and means we could take Gem to Conwy after we gave it a go.

We soon located the area mainly due to the group of birds staring at a patch of Gorse giving the game away, and so we joined the group and almost straight away the bird appeared and then commenced to perform circuits around the patches of Gorse putting on a great show for everyone present.

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Back in mid September on the 17th we headed off to the Wirral coast to watch the tide come in and enjoy the wader spectacle that often unfolds before at this time of year.
Heading for the Lifeboat station at Hoylake we took up position before the tide was due in giving Gem plenty of time to collect shells and basically enjoy playing in the sand, and to be honest so did Lesley and me.

Even early on we had plenty of waders to watch through the bins and scope Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Curlew Sandpiper, Knot, Grey Plover were all fairly close in.

Eventually the tide came in and so did the birds bring with it a couple of additions to our wader list Oystercatcher, Black Tailed Godwit, Curlew and Sanderling.

It was fantastic watching the waders dashing around ahead of the tide and finally taking to the air in large masses.

Around the Lifeboat station itself was a single Wheatear.

We ended the day at Burton Mere Wetlands seeing the long staying Cattle Egret and a few basking lizards.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Summer Holiday

Due to the joys of school terms our usual Summer break in July had to be put back to last week, this year we headed off to Cumbria, heading up on Saturday (20th) we did wonder what we had let our selves into arriving in heavy rain with the odd patch of local flooding and black skies even at 3pm didn't fill us with hope for the week.
But things did buck up and we had a great time exploring the area around Silecroft on the Cumbrian coast, it was a great base and not far from the RSPB rserve at Hodbarrow and the near by beach of Haverigg which always held plenty of waders to watch and some of the largest groups of Ringed Plovers I have ever seen often in the mid to high twenties.
We also popped down to Leighton Moss which was rather quite in the main body of the reserve although there was plenty of wader activity down at the salt marsh. I was even allowed out to see a few trains including the nuclear flask workings that head along the coast coming out of Sellafield.


Back in mid August we paid a visit to Formby we tend to visit latter in the year but its always a great spot to visit being a great place to take Gem she loves playing on the beach and seeing what shells she can find and to honest so do I.

On our visit we were quite lucky that although fairly busy there were still quite a few Sanderling knocking around running around the surf zone like little kids running in and out of the water, I do find these little waders very enjoyable to watch.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Skua Seconds

Paid another visit today to see the Great Skua that had turned up the previous day at Westport Lake, I had pinned my hopes on the fact the rain would have probably caused the bird to stay the night.
My luck was in with a pre work raid proving very wise and lucky the Skua was much closer in and also near the car park meaning I didn't have to trudge around the lake.
I managed to rattle off a few shots before crawling down the "D" road to work.