Monday, 18 June 2012

Strike 2

Well as is the usual form of recent weeks being in charge of my 9 month daughter I can't really just pop on to the web and check whats about crawling babies can get up to all sorts if you don't keep your eye on them.

This though has cursed me in terms of missing some great birds. Firstly was the Blue Throat at Doxey, where was I walking around Coombes (don't get me wrong a great place) but I could have gone and seen the said bird but didn't get to here of it till Monday when I finally at work I could quickly check the web.

Worse happen today checking the bird forum and other blogs I have missed a Red Backed Shrike at Silverdale! I even live in Silverdale!! Oh well that's two birds I have now missed, I suppose it's the way it goes when you don't know any other birders really and have a pager.

On the plus side my garden is attracting in a regular Stock Dove which is another bird for the garden list.