Monday, 21 December 2015

West Kirby

On the 6th Dec we headed off to West Kirby to see the Red Throated Diver that had been present for a few days within the marine lake there.
The weather was rubbish when we arrived mid morning a dull grey day with rather heavy drizzle which was turning into rain the longer we stayed.
The Diver was soon located roughly half way along the lake Lesley decided just to view the bird from the comfort and dry interior of the car, me being a daft bugger got out and tried to grab a few shots and got a soaking for my effort.

The Diver never really came close into the shore preferring the middle of the lake unlike the Fair Haven bird which came nice a close to the shore line.

A couple of Red Breasted Mergansers were also noted in the lake keeping the diver company, but we gave up on our birding adventures for the day with the weather getting no better and decided to brave the shops and do a spot of Xmas shopping at Cheshire Oaks on the way back home.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Crag Martin

Back on the 14th Nov with the weather forecast not being as bad is it was going to be I grabbed Gem and took a punt at seeing the long staying Crag Martin at Chesterfield which was hanging around St Mary's Church, a place I have driven past on many an occasion on my trips to Barrow Hill but some where I have not actually ever visited.

The trip was nice and easy and the rain was still holding off as we arrived but there was no sign of the bird, and Gem was keen to see the inside of the church so off we headed to have a wander around inside this church. It was quite pleasant inside and we were shown around by a very kind lady.

Not long after we came out the bird appeared now it was time to see how good my photography skills are the answer not that great below are some of my dodgy shots.