Sunday, 16 November 2014

Barrow Hill

Today was all about cops (that's ticks not the police) with Barrow Hill playing Host to my Dad's last 37 (37800) and a couple of 01's I still needed to bag in the form of 01515 and 01520.

On getting there using info provided via the End of the Line forum 37800 was soon bagged with it still occupying the area around the platforms alongside 20001 aka 8001.

20001 aka 8001 in BR Green at Barrow Hill

37800 part of the Euro Phoenix fleet awaiting a return to traffic 

Dad enjoying getting his hands on his last 37
Inside the depot a 37 was in full under coat and does not look too far from completion 03066 made for an interesting shot having its engine open for all to see.

Out in the yard another set of 37's were on show in a variety of liveries from DRS, faded EWS and a plain DRS Blue but with new style DRS branding.

From the bank a class 24 and 33 were on show, have to say I would have preferred if 33035 had retained Network South East tooth paste colours buts that's just me. Here I also managed to see 01520 stabled up towards the HNRC depot area.

By the HNRC depot itself 37884 in full Euro Phoenix colours and my other target 015515 were stabled up.

37884 in Euro Phoenix colours at Barrow Hill

05515 in military purple colours complete with cat badge at Barrow Hill