Monday, 27 February 2012

Cannock Chase

On Sunday afternoon we finally managed to get out and do a spot of birding deciding with the fine weather do a spot of Shrike hunting on the Chase. The Sat Nav took me a rather scenic route via Penkridge and what felt like most of the Chase, but being a fine day the drive was quite enjoyable although not very direct or quick.
We managed to find the spot OK (and on the way home a much more direct route), round the pull in were Great Tit and Chaffinch and a Buzzard flying over head on the other side of the road from the parking area.
Checking out the clear felled area I was expecting a larger area for some reason, and as is always our luck the bird had been seen but wasn't around while we were there although we did have a bonus in the shape of a pair of Woodlark which was a lifer for Lesley. Having Gemma in her back pack meant I had to keep fairly mobile she tends to get bored if I stand in one place for too long.

On a garden birding note the male and female Brambling are still visiting which was a nice year tick.