Saturday, 19 July 2014

Week Away

During the first week of July it was the annual family holiday, this year with headed off to Somerset just on the outskirts of Minehead staying at a farm cottage that seemed to quite a bit of wildlife within the cottage let alone outside!
One nice thing was just how peaceful the place was and the fact we had a Chiffchaff visit the hedgerow by the dinning area window quite frequently, although never when my camera was handy.
We didn't do that much wildlife watching while we down in the south west although on a trek up to Hurlstone Point we did have great views of Harbour Porpoises just below the point.
We all had quite a few fly Gannets which added to the spectacle a auk of some sort flew by but I was preoccupied with watch the Porpoise to pay it too much attention. 
Hurlstone Point

Harbour Porpoise at Hurlstone Point

Gannet at Hurlstone Point

On our final day we visited the WWT new reserve at Steart Marshes this unlike their other centers is a pure nature reserve unfortunately the site is not fully opened when called in the first two hides we still a couple of weeks off from opening even.
But it was a nice spot and there were plenty of Dragonflies around.