Friday, 6 May 2011


This afternoon I found out about a Nightingale just down the A50 at Ambaston in Derbyshire.
This being a lifer and a nice day it was a no brainer so off a popped.

Getting to the spot there was no sign of any other birders or the bird oh dear!
But I decided to wait after 20min I was starting to wonder if I was i the right spot, it looked right and the were signes that quite a few cars had parked up in the area so I continued to wait and was rewared with the sound of a Nightingale in full song and even giving brief views although it was on the other side of the hedge and I was having to do my bet and look through the tangle of branches.
It eventually flew across to a patch of Willow Trees across a patch of ground but stayed hidden again only giving brief views. But can't complain as I did get to see the bird and a lifer on top of that.

Also seen there were Black Cap, Whitethroat, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Green Woodpecker, heard but not seen were Reed Warbler and Yellow Hammer.

Honest if you look hard enough there is a Nightingale in the shot above.

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