Saturday, 7 April 2012

Catch Up Time

It feels like ages since I have had anything to write about as I have been successfully not seeing anything if that can be judged to be a success, I sure you catch my different such as last weekends successful failed attempt at seeing the Green Winged Teal at Hales.

Any way catch up time. Back in the those distant early days of March not too much birding was actually done although a successful dip of the Longatiled Duck near Rhyl was completed on the 3rd March, although Gemma and me had a nice walk along the river seeing plenty of other stuff including a lone Red Breasted Merganser on the walk.

The following day was spent enjoying my other vice in life trains, I am a double anorak birder and train spotter trying beating that!!

Back to birding, on the 25th March it was time to try and see some Red Grouse and Wheater plus Dipper. So it was off firstly to the moors, crossing Axe Edge we soon got Red Grouse plus the odd Meadow Pipit for good measure. Getting to Dane Bower there was not a sniff of any Wheater just more Meadow Pipit and the odd Curlew calling from some where near by.
It was then off to see the Dipper at Wye Dale but firstly a slight divert to the Peak Forrest for a class 60 shot hopefully, my luck was in as 60059 in DB pink came by with the bonus of 31190 in the sidings.

It was then off to Wye Dale getting there it appeared alot of people had had the same the same idea, since the old railway tunnels have been opened up for walkers etc the place has got alot busier. But it still does have a 100% track record of Dipper along the river not as many at it use to but you are still guaranteed to see one and a chance to photograph these smart looking birds.

And finally to this weekend with working on good Friday reading the reports of the Common Crane at Stafford was painful, but with the all being well I hoped it would still be there today and for once my luck held and I managed to see the bird although at a distance, but a life tick is a life tick. Also had the bonus of seeing the pair of Garganey which although closer avoid my camera, although they came out in the open after I left typical!! So no photos so here is a shot of a Dunnock instead.

Having to get back to feed Gemma and pop into work to read a few micro results meant I was fairly close to Berry Hill and after Martyn had told me about the Ring Ouzel being there it was worth a visit and I even managed to see it, although again not for a photo so here is one of a Black Bird you will have to imagine the white bib for your self.

So in all I have been out and about but not seen an awful lot although toady was fully successful so maybe my luck is changing, any way Gemma had a good day as you can tell.

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  1. Sorry to tell you this but the sawbill image is a Goosander. Belly and flanks would be grey and not white, bill is also finer and looks upturned in RB Merganser.