Saturday, 12 May 2012

Coombes Valley

Paid a visit with Gemma to Coombes this morning actually felt like spring which of recent weeks it really hasn't so was good to be out and feel the Sun on our faces.

Walking down from the visitor centre we picked up the usual warbler suspects of Willow, Garden and Blackcap, even managing to get shots of all three which for me is good going, OK they wont win any prize but I am happy with them.

Down by the bridge area you could hear plenty of Pied Flycatchers calling, managed to see a pair using one of the boxes in the area and help a few folk get on to the birds.

By the pond area again Pied Flycatchers could be heard and saw a male briefly over by the river.

Up the rather muddy Woodcock walk I managed to pick up Tree Pipit which were displaying, in a style not far removed from Wood Lark. Still have not seen Redstart here this year, although having seen a pair at last week in Wales there is no rush or great need to.

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