Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Gronk Fest

Easter Monday was a purely gricing day spending the morning travelling around the Burton area getting various gronks and other locos in the neighbourhood.

First port of call was Nemesis Rail at Burton, there are quite a few locos store around the sight we manged to bag, 73134 and 117, 56007,038,065,081 and 117, 45112, 47703 and 488, 08389,954,918 and 765 plus 09014 also noted were 20069 and 37905. .

73134 at Nemesis Rail Burton upon Trent

56065 at Nemesis Rail Burton upon Trent

47703 at Nemesis Rail Burton upon Trent

08389 at Nemesis Rail Burton upon Trent

I think this is 37905 
It was then on further down the A38 to Barton under Needwood to the LH Barton works which is now owned by Wabtec to see what gronks were knocking about.

A couple of ex industrial types could be seen from the old Little Chef car park but we didn't put any effort in to see what they were.
From the public foot path that runs around the back of the site we saw 08393, 891 and 913 in its Malcolm Rail colours which last year I had crossed fields to get a shot of it working away at Daventry. The remains of 08077 were also still on sight.

08913 at LH Barton

08891 at LH Barton

08393 at LH Barton

What remains of 08077 at LH Barton can't be long before it's broken up now

Then just before we headed on home we called in at the Bombardier depot Central Rivers to hopefully see the 08 there, managed to grab a shot from by the security hut.
66415 passed east bound while we were there on an MGR.

08943 ex PET II Crewe Works shunter in HNRC colours sits next to the micro Voyager at Central Rivers

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