Sunday, 27 October 2013

Whirling Dervish

Today had me heading off to North Wales and to be precise Gronant, this place has been good to to me in the past with Shore Lark and of course the Little Terns in the Summer so I had high hopes for today.
The target bird being the Grey Phalarope which had taken up residence in the pools in the dunes just before the start of the board walk to the Little Tern area.
Well me and Gem hoped the storm due in was not going to hit early and the weather was going to hold and it did, arriving with very mild weather and even wonderful full sun we headed off down the path, we were soon enjoying watching the bird spin around and around, I knew they spun around when they fed but these fellow was really going for it and very close in giving great views. Two lifers in two weeks can't be bad, I wonder was next week will bring?

Grey Phalarope at Gronant

As I promised my daughter a visit to the beach off we trekked along the board walk, nothing of interest on the beach a few Sky Lark and Linnet in the dunes though as we headed for the beach.

Next we head off to Rhyl for the Hoopoe which was obviously into it's cycling and had been by the BMX and bike circuit course for a few days now, I drove around in circles a bit at first, I knew it was behind the Marine Lake but just how to get there was proving tricky but a kind couple gave me directions (who save use men can't ask for directions).  Walking around the path a Orange bird flew from the cycle course and over to the river inlet, thinking I was just trying too hard to find the bird I thought my mind was playing tricks, but it turned out it was indeed the Hoopoe which I had seen take flight. I was soon watching it feed in the grass by the inlet, two target birds in the bag we headed back to the car for lunch and then home, a successful day if there ever had been one.

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