Sunday, 16 February 2014

Connah's Quay and Burton Mere

We went for the double today visiting Connah's Quay firstly followed by Burton Mere with lunch down at Burton Mere.

With a fine forecast we headed off with high hopes of some good birding and we were quite happy with our day out no lifers but just some good birds and nice surroundings, if you can ignore the power station at Connah's Quay although it does have a sort or rugged beauty,

Scattering a few seeds around the car park in the hope of attracting some close Twite action didn't quite go according to plan they came down just no where near our car oh well at least this time I was close enough for at least a record shot.

Twite at Connah's Quay

Moving up to the hide the tide was starting to come in allowing for some close up views of Redshank out on the mud.

Redshank Connah's Quay
Looking back in land a Peregrine was perched up on the pylons.

Moving down to the other end of the reserve a Little Egret was hunting by one of the channels.

And to end the list at Connah's Quay a Kingfisher was pointed out to us by the end screen/visitor centre

The plan was to then head for Burton Mere for lunch as Burton Mere's main hide/visitor centre can be quite packed, well so was Burton Mere down at Denal Lane, I was rather worried on a few occasions that my car was going to be hit, and Lesley even had to move my car forward at one point as one idiot had parked so close behind me if a car had parked in front of me I would have been stuck.
But apart from that it was a good idea and we managed to watch the Meadow Pipit feeding around us as we ate our lunch.

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