Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Although it was half term week decided to braved a visit to Formby, as this is where Gem had wanted to go aka Squirrel Beach to her.
But we all love this place so we didn't object and we had a pleasant time building sand castles and collecting shells on the beach.
There were the odd Sandling on the beach, not a huge number, but with quite a few dog walkers around I couldn't blame the wildlife giving the place a miss, but I still managed to grab a few shots.

Gem didn't fancy popping down to see these little waders so I just left her to play with Mum.

Then it was time to do the good old Squirrel walk, and we were quite lucky at seeing a fair few Squirrels around, although we did make sure we headed the opposite way to a gang of noisy kids.

We headed home via Martin Mere allowing Gem to burn off more energy and for us to just chill and enjoy a nice coffee and a few birds.

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