Saturday, 24 January 2015

Jan First

The first of Jan for me is always more of a leisurely start than it is for some birders, I just tend to do a spot of garden watching followed by maybe a quick walk somewhere.
This year was no exception, so over the morning I manged to get a nice garden list together, although this year unlike the last 3 winters we have not got any Brambling so they are absent from my list to date.  But the garden favorites of Bullfinch and Willow Tit have been bagged alongside Green Finch and other common garden birds.

The afternoon was spent doing lazy birding from the car with a quick drive to Hanchurch for the feeding area by the rock which added Great Spotted Woodpecker and Jay to my list followed by a drive alongside the railway line at Mill Meece which added Red Wing and Field Fare.

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