Saturday, 28 March 2015

Derbyshire Outing

We popped across the boarder today into deepest darkest Deryshire, the first port of call being Bakewell for the Framers Market which is one of the best in our humble opinion.

We spent the morning buying a few bits and bobs, the Goat Sausages and Mutton Sausages are fantastic and so is the Winkle Brewery beer so after stocking up on the essentials in life and having lunch we headed off.

I always like seeing Shrike although we never have any luck I have wondered around the Chase and other spots looking for these birds but generally failing to see anything. But with Beeley Moor being so close and reports in general being positive how easy the bird is to spot we made our way to the Beeley Triangle.
Looks a decent spot for birding and soon as we arrived we saw the bird and managed to watch it from the car which saved Lesley or Gem getting wet I did venture out to grab the necessary record shot.

The Shrike put on a nice little show of hunting around the little patch of moorland and even showed off its ability to hover.

Also noted was a rather battered looking Pheasant, Red Grouse and Meadow Pipit, not bad for 30 minutes in damp windy conditions.

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