Monday, 4 May 2015

Warbler Fest

Well its been up and down this weekend in terms of birding double dipping the Black Redstart at Silverdale on Saturday just because it was rather cool and Gem wanted to be else where we never really went looking and Sunday I went the wrong place (my plonker award I believe is in the post).

But today we made up for the lows with a trip to Attenborough in Notts one of our favorite birding spots combining decent birds with a decent cafe, although today we took a picnic. As per any sunny day there is was rather busy but we blagged a decent space when someone left.

Straight away the sound of birds singing hit us with White Throat, Sedge Warbler and Blackcap all trying to out do each other combined with Common Terns over head calling.

As we headed for the Tower hide not too many Warblers popped their heads out preferring to stay hide from view but once on the path heading for the Tower hide the birds were soon putting on a show.

Also seen walking along the track to the hide were Linnet, Little Ringed Plover, Grey Heron, Black Headed Gull, Reed Bunting, Tree Sparrow and a Blue Tit collecting nesting material.

The Tower hide allowed me another go at photographing a Sedge Warbler that was displaying just below the hide. Plus the explosive call of the Cetti's Warbler was heard and then gave a very brief but all too familiar view of it dashing between bushes.

As we ate our lunch just a bit further along the track the booming of a Bittern could be heard along again with Cetti's Warbler and added to this was now also Reed Warbler with one individual popping out to say hello. A Bee Fly also put on a show for us, Gem thought it looked strange.

Making our way back a fired off a few shots of a posing Chaffinch and Linnet along with another Sedge Warbler.

But the best was yet to come, I have always wanted to try and grab a half decent shot of the Cetti's Warbler but the views I usually get are so brief I barely get the time to raise my camera, but today my luck was in, I saw one starting to creep through the reeds and then start to show itself.

Eventually though the bird really came out into the open and I finally had my shot, a great way to end the day.

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