Monday, 15 June 2015

Goyt Valley

The Goyt Valley near Buxton is somewhere I enjoy going for a walk but I don't often see much, there are plenty of reports from the area, but the best to date for me and Lesley is a single Tree Pipit and a Common Sandpiper, not quite the stuff of legends.

The weather was not great quite over cast but we weren't in the house and that was the whole idea of just getting out and enjoying the countryside.

We did blunder into a female Redstart that was in a patch of trees by the road by the lake side, which soon took flight once it new it was being watched.

Further along we stopped to enjoy the scenery and just relax and was lucky enough to see a few Tree Pipit and Nuthatch and a rather distant male Redstart, plus we saw quite a few dung beetles we moved off the path so they wouldn't meet their end under the boot of a passing walker.

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