Saturday, 8 August 2015

Pennington Flash

I don't usually go after Gulls as they are not my thing and trying to age and the art of telling juveniles apart is a complete mystery to me.

But the Sabine's Gull is A) One I missed out on a few years back as the spot was not child's buggy friendly and B) For a Gull its quite good looking.

So off me and Gemma headed, the drive up was a doddle for once the M6 was not to bad, and my sat nav took me straight to the place (well close enough).
On getting there Steve Seal and another birder told me the bird was showing very nicely so off we plodded. Boy it was showing well just a few meters off shore taking insects from the surface.

I did mange a few bonus shots while we were there,

Then it was off to Markeaton Park in Derby for Gemma, I know it's not close but three year old girls don't have a very good geographical knowledge.

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