Monday, 9 January 2017

Dusky Thrush and Bean Geese

On Saturday we decided to not travel to far especially as Lesley took a rather nasty tumble during the week and is rather shaken.
First port of call was just down the road to Whitmore to try and see the 3 Tundra Bean Geese that have arrived in the flooded area just off Bent Lane, well it was so murky you couldn't make out the far side of the pools, so we thought we would call back latter in the day and head off to Beeley for the Dusky Thrush via Newcastle to hopefully bag a few Waxwing. No joy with the Waxwing just a few Redwings and Mistle Thrush in the trees so it was off to Derbyshire. Crossing the moors we left the fog and drizzle behind and enjoyed watching the Dusky Thrush in a field off Pig Lane. With that in the bag it was off to nearby Beeley Moor for the Great Grey Shrike our luck wasn't in though we had just missed the bird which had been on show but had disappeared over the ridge. We waited while we ate lunch for it to reappear but no joy.
So we made our way back home again try for Waxwing in Newcastle again no joy, we had also arrived back to fog and drizzle for once the weather was better up on the moors than in the town. The Tundra Bean Geese were on show at Whitmore but involved getting rather wet in the process of seeing them. Strangely enough Lesley didn't fancy leaving the warmth and dry of the car.

So on Sunday we headed back to Whitmore rather murky again but no where as bad a Saturday so Lesley was quite happy to get out of the car and managed to see them before they disappeared out of sight I imagine over the bank towards the stream.
We tried again for Waxwing around Hanley and Kidsgrove but no luck but at least we saw the most important target birds allowing Lesley 2 new life ticks and 1 for me.

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