Saturday, 29 April 2017

Night Heron

Today we decided to go for an nice an easy bird the Night Heron that had decided that as part of its on going tour of Shropshire a visit to the county town Shrewsbury was needed and had decided that the park and more precisely the Dingle was to its liking.
As per the last Night Heron we saw some years back in Leicestershire this one was asleep when we arrived but it did briefly wake up yawn, have a scratch and went back to sleep.

Although a small race was going on around the park the noise levels were still quite low down in the Dingle so I can see why it likes the place and under the cover of the dark it can always pop down to the river.

After watching the bird for a while we visited the nearby playground (Gem was disappointed that the it wasn't warm enough for the splash area).

On the way back we decided to eat our Sandwiches at Hanchurch seeing a single Tree Pipit, 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker, numerous Tits and Chaffinch plus a few Jays. We heard but didn't see the Blackcap around the carpark.

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