Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lunch Time Birding

Decided to do a spot of lunch time birding today and even dragged along a non birding colleague to see the Waxwing that had been hanging around the Basford/Hartshill area near the fantastic Titanic pub the Greyhound.

Got there for around 12:15 to only find a bird less set of trees, bumped into a couple of fellow birders who informed me I had just missed them (drat!)
So we hung around for a bit having a natter as you do while birding, decided I should try pointing the camera at some thing so got a few Redwing shots although they were never quite in the right spot, but thats life and what makes wildlife photography that little bit more fun.

A few more minutes passed and a group of 15 or so Waxwing flew over head so we waited for them to return, but instead another 2 appeared. Managed to fire off a few shots before having to head off back to work.

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