Sunday, 13 March 2011

To the End of the World

Well to be honest it was just a trip to Wales a place called Worlds End, another new spot for Lesley and me to visit with the chance to bag a lifer for the pair of us in the shape of Black Grouse, there was also a chance of a bonus bird in the shape of a Dartford Warbler.
Managed to find the place Ok, looks like a very interesting place and well worth another visit not just wildlife wise but to see the lead mine close by.
We were by no means the first there but managed to park up all right, soon joined a group of birders watching the Dartford Warbler, these are great looking birds and I even like their scratchy call. Even bumped into a fellow Staffs birder Neil there.
Meadow Pipit at Worlds End
While waiting to grab a shot of the warbler we saw a Meadow Pipit which I got a rather distant shot of.
Soon the Dartford came well within range must have been only a couple of meters away, giving great views and allowing me to enjoy its call and fantastic red eye.

Dartford Warbler at Worlds End

Then it was a case of fingers crossed for the Black Grouse which we eventually saw with 7 birds flying across the valley, to add to this we also had a Crossbill and a distant view of a Goshawk which meant we had bagged two lifers!

From here it was a short hop to the coast to allow Lesley to see the Snow Bunting which I had already bagged. We soon came across the pair not too far along the prom, right by the sea wall which gave Lesley another lifer was proving to be a good day for her.

After a spot of lunch it was onto the Conwy RSPB reserve always a good place to go. Here we picked up Goosander, Tufted Duck, Pied Wagtail, Siskin, Goldfinch, Lapwing and Shelduck.

In all a fantastic day the weather was great, met some great birders and saw some great birds.

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