Saturday, 5 March 2011

Purple Patch

After last weeks success in seeing the Snow Bunting and of hearing about the possibility of Purple Sandpiper a bird that although I have seen on a few visits to New Brighton I had yet to get a shot of one. They were either in the wrong place or fast asleep when I ever went to New Brighton.
So I decided to give Rhos on Sea a go today.

Firstly called in again at Kinmel Bay again to try and get a better shot of the Snow Bunting, they didn't seem that flighty today which was good for me, didn't have to keep lugging my scope, camera etc up and down the beach. I even found them quite quickly which was even better.

Snow Bunting Kinmel Bay

Then it was off to Rhos on Sea for a bit of wader spotting before getting back to the car I managed to grab a shot of some Sandling, I love these little waders how they dash around the place just ahead of the tide, reminds me of myself as a small kid playing in the sea.


At Rhos I found a likely area, as all I knew was to head for Rhos on Sea, the spot I chose was a small harbour like spot with a break water just off shore. Scanning this I found Redshank, Turnstone, Herring Gull, Black Headed Gull and Oystercatcher. But no Purple Sandpiper was feeling like I was going to dip, but thought before I called it a day I would take a walk along the prom.
There on the rocks just below the prom were waders and quite a few of them, Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Redshank and loads of Turnstone (never seen so many Turnstone in one spot) and all just metres away. Kept walking along until I eventually found my quarry in the shape of a Purple Sandpiper feeding with some Turnstone, they are great looking birds rather dumpy but cute at the same time.

Purple Sandpiper

Then found this Pipit, which has been identified by the chaps of the Bird Forum as being a Rock Pipit, which is a new photo record for me. When I looked in various books it kept flipping between Water & Rock, so its good to get a positive id on the bird.

Rock Pipit

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