Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cannock Chase

Didn't feel like doing too much today after working in the garden in the morning, just felt like enjoying the sun.

So Lesley and me popped down to Cannock Chase first off was a spot of lazy birding from the car at Freda's Grave, just Blue, Great, Coal and Willow Tit plus Chaffinch on show round the feeding area.
In the near by shrubs were a few Whitethroat can't seem to go any where with out seeing these. Plus across the heath a female Fallow Deer and fawn dashed past.

Fallow Deer Cannock Chase

Then cruised down towards the big chunk of rock that is the glacial boulder, last year I saw a family group of Redstarts down here this time though just a single lone Juv male.

Juvenile Redstart Cannock Chase

Juvenile Redstart Cannock Chase
Just down from this spot I know there is a small pool which I though might hold a few Dragonflies, I am no expert at what I am looking at but enjoy seeing and photographing them when I get the chance.

Young Common Darter

Emperor Dragonfly at Cannock Chase
First go at taking flight shots of these, only noticed on the photo how it hangs its leg down to grab its prey.
Large Skipper on Cannock Chase

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