Sunday, 31 July 2011

Horse Shoe Pass

Popped over to Llangollen today just for some where to go and have a gentle stroll around.
The town was quite busy with a 1960's weekend on at the Railway with most of the home fleet seeing some action.

BR Green class 109 DMU leaves Llangollen

31162 just arrived at Llangollen
After walking around the town we headed up to the Horse Show Pass for lunch, as always it was over flowing with balding over weight born again bikers aka donors on wheels.
After a bite to eat I left Lesley to have a nap in the car and walked over to the quarry workings to see what was around. As I walked across the bit of heath/moor I saw Meadow Pipit, Linnet and Stone Chat plus a Peregrine flew over head, and then could be heard calling from some where near by.
Around the quarry and the edge of the heath were quite a few juvenile Wheater which lead me a merry dance for a while till I could get into a spot where I could get closer enough for a shot but not disturb them.

Meadow Pipit, I seem to be seeing alot of these this year.

Juvenile Wheatear

Juvenile Wheatear

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