Sunday, 30 October 2011

Attenborough Squacco Heron

Today had us heading down the A50 to see the Squacco Heron that had appeared at Attenborough Nature reserve. We don't usually do so called twitching but there are just some birds that you always want to see and this was one of Lesley's (she likes Heron's). So off to we went to hopefully see the bird on this new part of Attenborough, also as we know the reserve quite well it was good to explore a new area of the reserve.

On getting there we were told the bird was showing well but Gemma needed a nappy change which delayed us slightly making the walk down to see the bird. At first we couldn't see anything and didn't help I was looking in the bigger patch of reeds and not the small area between the colvets, soon though the Squacco Heron came into view and we watched it begin to fish catching two fish while we were there. A King Fisher even flew in and then quickliy out either didn't like the look of this strange bird or didn't fancy competing with it.

Squacco Heron at Attenborough Nature reserve

Squacco heron with some type of fish, it was having great success catching fish in its little spot

Another catch for the Squacco Heron

Heading off to eat its catch

The Squacco Heron showing off its neck markings as it eats it's catch, when it striked you could really see the white wings.
It was then back to the reserve for a look at the art work and to take a few more photos after all the earlier action.

Black Headed Gull at Attenborough

Black Headed Gull at Attenborough.

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