Monday, 10 October 2011

SVR Diesel Gala

No birding this weekend as it was the annual Severn Valley Railway's diesel gala which for once had no kettles running aka steam trains, the way it should always be for diesel galas, so well done SVR.
The main aim here was to get a shot finally of 31190 in it's now rather faded BR Green livery, ever since been painted as such I have kept missing it where ever I go once by seconds, but finally here was my chance to get my shot.

D1062 arrives at Kidderminster

Slug 6 aka 37906 in plain Rail Freight grey leaves Kidderminster bound for Bridgenorth

D3201 aka 08015 sits in Kidderminster station

New London Midland class 172 172342 leaves Kidderminster station (mainline)

The old order in the shape of class 150 150132 pauses at Kidderminster station

172337 calls at Kidderminster

The ain of the days travels 31190 / D5613 pulls into Kidderminster station ready to work a shuttle service north

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