Monday, 30 January 2012

Aye Up Duck

Headed for Attenborough on Saturday afternoon for a bit of a walk and hopefully find the female Smew that has been there for a few days now.
The place was packed as ever and took a while for us to find a parking space.
As always we first popped into the visitor centre to look at the notice board just in the entrance to see what was around, the board confirmed the Smew was still around but always declared the bonus bird of a Female Scaup! This would be a lifer for Lesley and me was the hunt was on!
Heading up along side the Church Pond where the Scaup was last seen towards the Main Pond it was a total duck fest, picking up Red Crested Pochard, Tufted and Mallard in a bread feeding frenzy along with a couple of Mute Swans and Coots. In Church Pond itself we added Gadwall to the duck list, and soon picked up the Scaup by the Tern platform with a couple of Goldeneye as well.
In the small patch of Church Pond right by the Church we watched a pair of Sholver going around in circles feeding would be enough to make me quite dizzy and sick if i did it, unsure what the watching Heron made of it all, but made for some nice camera shots.

Reaching the bridge which crosses the Main Pond where a couple of birders said we should just about to be able to see the Smew (although we were told it kept disappearing behind a few of the islands) we found a couple of Goosanders but no Smew. But being such a large pool it was probably in there some where we just didn't have the time to go hunting for it.

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