Sunday, 8 January 2012

Park Hall

Just had a short walk around Park Hall today, Lesley and me just fancied getting some fresh area with out travelling too far, not the most push chair of friendly places but still a nice local place to visit.
Getting there we straight away noticed the visitor centre has now vanished which is a shame.

Plenty of Bullfinch were seen around the site with one group being made up of 6 females alone.

We headed for the area of pine wood that usually at this time of year hold a few Long Eared Owls, now we have never self found any owls here we just walk around straining our necks till they hurt and then head home empty handed. But this time we found a lone bird within 2 minutes of looking and all by our selves!

On the way back to the car we spotted a group of small birds in a pine tree top checking them they turned out to be a group of finches mainly Goldfinch but with two Redpolls mixed in for good measure.

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