Saturday, 2 February 2013

Astbury Mere and Martin Mere

Tried a new potential railway photo location yesterday which appears to have potential although mainly for Eastern moves although traffic coming from the East should be just about alright, but maybe better from the road bridge further along.

Any way back today's birding.

First port of call was Astbury Mere at Congleton in a very sunny Cheshire, this low winter light does rather make it tricky for photography, give me an over cast day with high cloud any day.
Was rather busy when we arrived as there was a race on around the lake, so the place was full of neon Lycra, why people jog is beyond me I have yet to see a happy jogger when I have been out.
Any way we soon found our target bird of the Slavonian Grebe we didn't bother hanging around for the Scaup firstly we had already seen one for the year and secondly the joggers were getting in the way and causing everything to head for the middle of the lake.

It was then off to Martin Mere I had promised to take Lesley here once the weather and her shifts allowed, so off we headed North, we had our fingers crossed of seeing the Woodcock that had been sighted on and off from the Janet Kear hide.
The Swan Link hide held the usual suspects, Whooper Swan, Pintail, Wigeon, Teal, Shelduck, Ruff and Pink Feet. Allowing for a few shots to be grabbed including a nice ruff action shot.

Off to the Janet Kear hide, getting there we discovered someone had found the Woodcock and were helping others get on to the bird, I eventually locked on and the bird even came out of its hiding spot and allowed for some great views. This was only the second time we have seen this species the last time being at dusk in Norfolk so at least this time we could appreciate its markings.

So quite a successful days birding.

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