Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fantastic Plastic

On Saturday I found out about the male Hooded Merganser, I decided to take a chance and cross everything that it would turn out to be the real deal, so grabbing Gem and the light weight pushchair and headed off down the A50.
As per the Red Footed Falcon it meant crossing fields and climbing styles with a pushchair this is no easy under taking but we made it in one piece and I managed to see the bird although also the news that its wings were clipped thus most likely it was an escaped bird. Well it was good to see and better than viewing them in captivity. Then tried Locko Park for the Drake Smew but with a bitterly cold wind we didn't hang around so after a quick scan and no bird on show we headed off home for a warm and to go and watch Peppa Pig.

Sunday was a flying visit to Copmere to try again for a Smew but this time a female/Red Head. Copmere is one of those places that is not really birder friendly with no great places to view the mere. After finding a spot to look across the mere we couldn't pick out the bird. We did see plenty of Goldeneye, Wigeon, Little and Great Crested Grebe plus the other usual wild fowl. So another unsuccessful trip.


  1. Its blady hard with kids in tow and pushchairs. Thumbs upto you as I took a few years off birding and I regret it now

    1. Can be rather tricky Paul, and my year lists will never win any prizes but its good to get out and about and hopefully my love of wildlife will rub off on Gem.