Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lake Vyrnwy

Yesterday was our annual pilgrimage to Lake Vyrnwy I have been coming here since a young lad and have spent many a happy day here and discovered some great wildlife even once stumbling across an Owls nest on the ground by one of the many bridges as a lad.

Any way that's enough wallowing in nostalgia back to the here and now.
As ever our first port of call was the area below the dam we can usually guarantee a great haul of birds around this area and this year was no exception.
We had already heard Wood Warbler by the dam itself when we stopped of to change Gem, although there were no Swift here yet just Swallows over the dam and of course loads of Siskin in the tree tops.
Walking along the river we could again here the distinctive call of the Wood Warbler along with Redstart and Pied Flycatcher all calling plus the usual other woodland species.
Stopping to watch a Treecreeper we soon also found a nearby Wood Warbler and it was quite showy, I even managed to bag a record shot of the bird, so I was well chuffed.
Wood Warbler Lake Vyrnwy

 Carrying on through the wood we found a male Redstart, Nuthatch and Willow Warbler plus a pair of Blue Tits using one of the boxes.
From the road we soon found another Redstart plus a male Pied Flycatcher.


Back at the car park below the dam while we ate lunch another Redstart showed along by the River.

Moving around the lake to the first hide we saw well nothing, but got to enjoy the views if nothing else, the centenary hide at the far end was much more productive with a Redstart from the car park plus Chaffinch and Coal Tit. From the hide itself we picked up Grey Heron and a female Pied Flycatcher.

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