Monday, 6 May 2013


Today found us heading for the Peaks, we at first wanted to head for Wye Dale after a quick call in at Dane Bower Quarry the targets here were Wheatear and Red Grouse  we didn't manage to see any Wheatear last year (I will give you a couple of minutes to stop laughing). Well this year we soon found three males dotted around still not as many as there have been there, Gem enjoyed pulling up grass and spreading a mole hill around the place. We also noted Curlew and meadow Pipit and finally picked up Red Grouse on the drive down in to Buxton.

Traffic into Buxton was mad so we took a circular route to avoid the town centre altogether, getting to Wye Dale the car park and unofficial over flow which is the entrance to the quarry were jam packed so we headed for Millers Dale instead and bagged the last space after someone left.

While we eat lunch we could hear Willow Warbler, Black Cap, Chiffchaff, Great and Chaffinch calling plus we saw a Shrew dash through the under growth.
Walking along the old train line, oh how much better it would be to have actual trains running rather the mountain bikes bombing along the line the sound of various Warblers kept us company although rarely could we actually make them out.
Walking through the now reopened tunnel we could hear Pied Flycatcher calling but again we just could not find the birds in the tree tops.
Heading back for a break by the river on the path to Chee Dale we soon picked up Dipper which darted along the river (our target Wye Dale bird) so no Dipper shots for me but was more then made up for by a very showy Grey Wagtail.

Grey Wagtail Millers Dale 

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