Monday, 29 July 2013

Welsh Holiday

We manged to get away for the week at the beginning of July just missing out on the heat wave which was a shame would have been better being able to walk around in our shorts rather than having to wear our jackets but you can't order the British the weather to play ball. We had a good week away so I shouldn't complain that much.

Was more of a family holiday than a birding holiday although we did manage to slip in the odd spot of birding.
Staying near Criccieth at a place called Chwilog in a cottage at Wernol Caravan Park it was a great little spot having no real neighbours to speak of apart from a few sheep and cows. In the evenings we could watch bats and listen to near by Tawny Owls calling. The mornings usually allowed for a view of a Hare or two in the field.

Being in the area it would have been rude not to call in at the RSPB Osprey viewing area at Glaslyn near Portmadog. We manged to see the female plus a couple of the chicks although in the haze it wasn't the best of views but talking to the warden and one of volunteers was great, always a pleasure meeting such dedicated people.

The next chance we had for a spot of birding was a day out on Anglesey, the first port of call was Cemlyn bay always a great spot top visit and worth the drive over the island itself, on getting to the car park by the old buildings it was clear we were going to have the place to our selves which in the end we did. The first birds we saw were 4 Choughs feeding in the field by the car park we saved us looking for them at South Stack.  The next bird on the list was a Ringed Plover feeding in the pool by the car park.
Over on the beach itself we were soon enveloped by the sound and smell of the Tern colony  a get amount of activity was on show added to by the mournful calls of the Seals from around the other side of the head land.

Next it was off to Holyhead Harbour not the greatest of places but holds some great birds in the shape of Black Guillemots in total we saw 8 birds coming and going not that close but good to watch through our bins.

Then it was off to our last port of call South Stack, here we added to our days total with Raven, more Chough, Guillemot, Razor Bill and Kittiwake.

On a visit to Portmadog we decided on a walk along the Cob to gain a few views of the marsh and to just generally enjoy the Sun. Not much about bird wise just a single Black Tailed Godwit on the sea ward side plus a few steamers through including one in Southern style Green.

Heading into the mountains for a drive and a general warder around we came across a few very picturesque areas one holding a nice group of Butterworts I have never seen before these carnivorous plants so I was well chuffed stumbling upon them even if the weren't in flower.

Our last day been fine weather the start of the mini heat wave that spread across the country we headed for the beach at Black Rock Sands. The place is very child friendly and we even added to our bird tally picking up Rock Pipit and Linnet on the beach.

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