Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rudyard Lake

With news of the Caspian Tern being found out about on the 26th Jul all my original plans for the weekend were rather put on hold.

Originally the plan was to to send the morning sat on the end of Crewe station mainly to see the GB staff rail tour to llandudno but that was now on hold awaiting news if the Tern was still around on the Saturday.
A quick check on the computer and we were soon off to Rudyard to do a spot of life ticking.

It took a while to find the road that led down to the Northern end of the lake, on Streetmap it looked like a proper road with a nice car park at the end we were after turned out it was a dirt track with just a bit of a pull over area at the end. No matter we were there and as it appeared every birder from around the area judging by how packed the area was.

We soon found the spot to view the Tern and straight away regretted not taking the scope, but we were taken pity on and a kind gent allowed Lesley and me views through his scope.

Ok they are crap shots but it at least proves I saw it.

After here we headed for the Leek show which was quite a nice way to spend the afternoon.

That evening I decided I still fancied seeing the rail tour so looking up the return times on Real Train Times website it was off to Crewe to grab a few shots of the return leg back to Cardiff.
The 20's looked and sounded great, would have preferred both London Under Ground liveried choppers but that's just me.

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