Saturday, 10 August 2013

In the Night Garden

I did my usual trick and found out about the Night Heron that had turned up at a reservoir in Leicestershire too late to really do anything about it, so I crossed everything I had and hoped it would just stick around till the following weekend, checking last night if it was still there and finding out the positive news, and with directions obtained early in the week the decision was made we were off to the East Mids.

It was not that hard to find Thornton Reservoir and it turned out to be a nice little spot although we walked the long way around to the bird after parking at the wrong side of the dam, well the walk did me some good and the weather was fine.

The bird was partly hidden in a small gap within the trees but we could make it out alright and it did move into a bit better spot to be viewed so we did end up getting quite good views through our scope.

We also got to see it's larger Grey Heron cousin and a Little Egret plus a brief fly past by a Kingfisher.

After this we decided to head for the near by Tropical Bird Gardens as it was only earlier afternoon and no point in heading off straight home, the cream teas are quite reasonable although no clotted cream so they lost points there. Lesley made a new friend as well.

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