Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sandbach Flashes

On Saturday I decided to head up for the Stilt Sandpiper that had turned up at Sandbach Flashes, having never visited this location I was expecting to have to drive around the South Cheshire countryside but luckily Jane Turner on the Bird Forum posted some directions which were spot on.

It's a rather unassuming location with just a bit of a pull over area off the road to park in and basically a foot path to view the flashes from.

After scanning the area for a few minutes the bird came into view walking back and forth behind some Canada Geese at first just give me the odd view, although eventually it walked around the spit and came into full view. A nice looking bird, as it was always on the move I decide to just watch and enjoy the bird rather than trying to set up the scope camera.

Also noted at the sight were plenty of Lapwing, Snipe and Greenshank.

Sunday was spent at Nantwich Food Festival stocking up on unusual beers and cheese's, the Smoked Garlic Cheddar by the Cheshire Cheese Company is really nice and goes well with Chili Jam.


  1. Hi, I run a blog covering Smestow Valley LNR. I have started a nature network to protect our patches and coordinate wildlife surveys. please could you e-mail and I can send you more information. Regards, Chris Millward Thank you

  2. seems you may get beaten up if you visit the flashes