Monday, 30 September 2013

The Worlds Fastest Duck and Friends

Well no birding for me really this weekend, allow on the Sunday I did take Gem around Westport Lake nothing to really report.
On the Saturday though I headed off to the Barrow Hill Live Event a sort of open weekend combined with a model show.

The main reason for me going was the chance to grab a shot or two of the two 86/7's stored there plus the GIF 37's after there return from Spain, although I saw a couple on their way to Spain they were always tucked away in Bescot yard so I never got a chance to photograph them.

Plenty of people attended the event probably encouraged to come out due to the good weather.

84001 inside the round house

D6700 aka 37350 the pioneer EE Type 3 part of the National Collection

20189 in LU Red stabled on Barrow Hill

37703 under restoration for DRS

New Kettle Tornado on the shuttle trains

86702 in Electra colours

86701 in Colas colours stored at Barrow Hill awaiting it's fate

50008 on display at Barrow Hill

The Fastest Duck in the World aka Mallard on display at Barrow Hill

E5001 being displayed at Barrow Hill with a possible return to the mainline on the cards

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