Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wye Dale

Well around this time of year we generally head up to Wye Dale just outside Buxton for the nice and easy tick of a Dipper, not too many years ago this area from the car park down to the cottages held at least 3 - 4 pairs now we are down to just a single pair. Unsure if it is the fact the area has got busier with visitors or the habitat has been destroyed in some way but there are definitely less of these great little birds.

In one of the usual areas we soon found a pair, well we think a pair as they were both feeding close to one another.

Dipper at Wye Dale near Buxton

 It was turning out to be a great little walk as a bit latter Lesley pointed out a pair of Grey Wagtail a bit further along the river.

Grey Wagtail Wye Dale

 But the best was still to come we a first ever sighting for this location in the form of a Water Vole good old Ratty himself swimming across the river in front of us and they watching us from the opposite bank, this really finished off the afternoons walk.

Water Vole aka Ratty at Wye Dale.

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