Friday, 5 May 2017


As its was our wedding anniversary today Lesley fancied popping out to lunch at the Black Lion and a little walk around Consall which we hadn't visited probably since spring last year.
As we drove down to the car park near the pub we heard a familiar call and sure enough in a small field by the road a wonderful male Redstart was in full song.

 Walking along the canal we were surrounded by bird song mainly Blackcap and even a few Goldcrest which we saw feeding in the Ivy, eventually a male Blackcap showed itself.

Further along and as we entered Booths Wood we heard another herald of Spring or at least to us it is the Pied Flycatcher, we managed to see two males in total claiming ownership of their patch of woodland.

After which it was back down the hill for a spot of lunch and a nice pint of beer.

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