Thursday, 4 May 2017

Doxey Marsh

Having not been around Doxey Marsh for a while with Lesley after dropping Gem off at school off we went for a mornings walk. Although the weather was fine the breeze made it feel rather fresh and I was glad I had brought a few layers with me.
Plenty of Sedge Warbler and Common Whitethroat were seen and heard on the walk down from the car park into the main body of the reserve.
The first patch of reed bed held a couple of Reed Warbler but although we could hear them we could not locate them in the dense bed of reeds.
The pool by the Octagon pool held a wader which we first thought was a Greenshank but then the more we watched it the more doubt crept in the back just seemed to brown although the bill and body markings matched so we wondered if we had found a Wood Sandpiper? Talking to another birder he too thought it to be a Wood Sandpiper but we were latter corrected. So it goes to show that sometimes your first instincts are right.

Also noted around the reserve were 3 Swift, 1 Sand Martin and a small number of House Martin.

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