Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cannock Chase

With the weather been fine I decided to pop down to the Chase for the afternoon, no real target birds just a case of what I see is what I get.
First port of call was the Cadet Huts, a few Coal and Great Tits were in the pines around the car park and a Kestrel hunting over the heath.
No sign today of the Shrike even after giving it 20min but was nice enough sitting in the sun. Plenty of Buzzard around and a couple of Raven around. One surprise was a lone Red Kite that was circling around before heading off down the valley in the direction of the power station.
Female Wheater
Had a single Wood Lark displaying form the pine trees which made for a nice sight, along with a lone female Wheater in the valley.

It was then off to Fredas Grave for a bit of a wander, at the feeding area were the usual Tits, Yellow Hammer and Chaffinch.
Around in the heath were quite a few Butterflies and Warblers in the Hawthorn, mainly Willow but the odd Black Cap just for good measure.

Green Hairstreak

Willow Warbler

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