Saturday, 2 April 2011

Derbyshire Wandering

Had a wander around Derbyshire today the target birds being Ring Ouzel and Wheatear.

First port of call was Cutthroat Bridge when I was last here to see the Great Grey Shrike I saw 2 Ring Ouzel males, so the plan this year was to try and see if they were still around.
Rather grey and windy up on the moors it had to be said but there were still plenty of birds around.
Meadow Pipit and Curlew calling and flying over head with the odd Red Grouse putting in a show as well.
After a bit of a walk we soon came across a pair of Ring Ouzel they showed well and were calling nicely but never close enough for a photo.

But did get a shot of this shy lady

Feamle Red Grouse
 On the way home after calling in at the Wee Dram in Bakewell to stock up on Whisky we called at Dane Bower Quarry, plenty of Meadow Pipit and Wheatear around, was great watching them in the sun that had now come out.

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