Saturday, 9 April 2011

Silverdale Once Again

Another evening and another visit across the road to the former colliery site at Silverdale which goes by the great name of the void, well it is a fairly large hole in the ground.

Bumped into Neil there who as always had some great shots of the male Ring Ouzel there. surley this time I would get one as well.

At first there was no real sign of the birds, just the Little Ringed Plover chasing each other around as they do and the odd Sky Lark keeping me company on the path afte Neil and co had departed, gave it a few min then decided to head home myself. But then caught sight of a male bird. Doing my best to hide behind a shrub I got as close as I could. Was rewarded with the sight of the male having a wash in a puddle.

Not a bad evening and just found out my horse won the national!

Male Ring Ouzel

Bath time

Great Crested Grebe

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