Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Big Garden Watch

On Sunday with it being rather damp and grey it was the perfect day to do the RSPB's Big Garden Watch.
On the Saturday I stocked up on Sunflower Hearts and invested in a new Niger seed feeder to see if the finches that are visiting our garden would take to it alongside our standard seed feeders.

Well we had quite a decent number of birds visit the garden and my count noted the birds not just on the feeders but also those awaiting there turn on the feeders in the trees and shrubs surrounding the garden on the fence line.

40 - Goldfinch
2 - Brambling
1 - Siskin
1 - Greenfinch
1 - Willow Tit
3 - Great Tit
5 - Long Tailed Tits
3 - Blue Tits
1 - Coal Tit
12  - Starling
2 - Collared Dove
1 - Black Bird
2 - Robin
1 - Dunnock

Made for a pleasant hour spent staring out of the patio doors with Gem munching on biscuits and drinking tea.

Hopefully next weekend wont be as damp and I can actually get out with Gem somewhere.

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