Sunday, 8 February 2015

Cheshire Bash

On Saturday (07 Feb) we did a bit of a bash around Wirral starting off at Hoylake not for birding but to see the drift wood pirate ship there next to the life boat station as I new Gem would love to have a play on the ship.

A really cool bit of kit to launch the life boat just like out of Thunderbirds. 

Pirate Ship at Hoylake

Gem sailing the Grace Darling
It was the on to the more serious matter of birding the first port of call being Wallasey for the Snow Bunting we really didn't need the bins to see or find these two birds which have taken up residence, Gem thought they were cute which they are.

Snow Bunting at New Brighton by the Wallasey Life Guard Station

I bumped into a fellow local Stokie birder which I had a feeling I would see someone I knew around on my travels today and was told the Laughing Gull was on the Marine Lake down at New Brighton off we headed. But as usual our luck was not in and the bird had done a bunk when we turned up and had headed off to feed out by the light house, I manged with a little help to see the bird at a distance but not a great view so it was off back to the car for lunch and hope the bird would come back to the pontoon. After lunch the bird had reappeared at the pontoon allowing for easy viewing of this rare but ugly Gull (well to me at least it looked like a over grown Black Headed Gull) you may have guested I don't really do Gulls.
Plenty of Purple Sandpiper were on show I do love these dumpy waders, also a single Sandling in with the Turnstone and Redshank.
Light House at New Brighton 

Laughing Gull at New Brighton

Purple Sandpiper New Brighton

It was then off to Burton Mere for the Long Eared Owl or at least that was the plan, looking at the book the Owl was still over by the Inner Marsh hide so after a warming coffee it was best foot forward. After slogging through the mud, I have got quite good at pushing a pushchair through mud, needs must though! we got a view of the owl. A much better view than we have had at Park Hall.

Long Eared Owl Burton Mere by the Inner Marsh hide

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