Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Weekend Travels

Saturday was a snow day, or at least hunt the snow, it had basically gone from Silverdale but it was bound to be still around in the Peaks so we loaded up the sledge and warm clothes and headed out.
Sure enough we found the snow it was drifting across the A53 but a snow plough was doing its job around Flash, but trying to get over Axe Edge didn't happen we ended up joining a traffic jam going up the bank which was rather novel for that location. We were waiting it turned out for a tractor with a snow blower to clear a path so we decided to turn around and head back to Titesworth Reservoir instead rather than wait Gem was happy enough building snowmen and sledging around the visitor centre.

On Sunday we again braved the arctic winds but this time we went for a walk around Doxey Marsh, not alot on show with the icy wind but we did spot two Barnacle Geese in with some Canada Geese and a Female Stone Chat kept popping up we were quite lucky in seeing a Water Rail jump up out of the tall grass and disappear again.

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