Monday, 16 February 2015

Doxey Marsh

Again we just fancied being lazy on Sunday so it was a case of a spot of house work, put up a new bird box Gem has decorated plus the usual odds and ends.
Then in the afternoon a stroll around Doxey Marsh, just the usual stuff at Creswell Flash, walking along to the new hide a Water Rail jumped up and then disappeared again, this seems to be my only views of this bird this year.
Walking along past the new hide we stopped by a bench and started to scan around for the Water Pipit, eventually I saw a Little Brown Job moving in and around the reeds but no sooner had I found it it flew off. It didn't give me longer enough to fully id the bird, so back to the hunt.
A few minutes latter I had re-found the bird and this time managed to successfully id the bird, so that was that ticked off for the year, far too distant for a shot but I still managed a decent view, it took Lesley a while longer to pick the bird up but at least she saw it.

Also managed to see 66749 (an ex Euro 66) head North light engine while watching the Pipit.

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